India is one of the old countries in the world. Total population in India is more than one billion. It has 30 states. Here states are divided into districts, districts into Taluk, Taluk into Blocks and many village panchayets makes one Block. In India 4635 people groups are here. This includes 635 Tribal people. 52 % of the people are liberated. But one of the seven world- wonders, Tajmahal is here. It is a holy land to 3 religious groups called Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. The disciple of Jesus Christ Thomas came to Madras( Chennai) and planted churches, shed his blood here and was martyred. Yet Christians are very less in numbers. At the time of census in 1971, Christians are 2.6 %,in 1981 are 2.45 % and in 1991 decreased to 2.32 %. It shows, it is our vital important necessary is to pray for India and Church planting ministry in India.


Tamil Nadu is one the states located in South East where Tamil language is spoken all over. Here Tamil and English are used in Government offices. Krishnagiri is one the Taluk in Dharmapuri district. Our Government declared that Dhamapuri District is the most backward district in the state. Among the 237 countries in the universe, 105 countries are smaller than Dharmapuri district. So it is more important to pray for this Dharmapuri District, a country-like size. 2.6 millions people are living here. Our ministry is going on mainly in Dharmapuri District. In Tamil Nadu state Dharmaopuri takes the last place in literary rate, 46.02 % and women literacy rate is 34.23 %. So many social evils are happening here. Also it is understood in those days, it is a punishment area to government staff. If anyone creates problems in office, he may be transferred to this district where proper facilities are not available but nice hills and valleys surround here.

It is unreached by Gospel. According to 1991 census just 28,433 are Christians out of the total population of 242,8596. In particular only 356 Christians are living in Pennagaram Taluk where the total population is 180,820. This shows the need of Gospel works in this area. That is why we have chosen this district to work here to develop more and plant many churches. People like to live in cities but we have decided to live here to develop this place more for God

People in this district are doing agriculture small business, poultry, farming, weaving, and giving money to interest (like pawn broker). From Krishnagiri tamarind and “beedhi” (a smoking stuff) are exported to other districts. 200 people group are living here. People in this district speak Tamil, Telugu, Kanada and Urdu. People worship many gods and practice witchcraft and black magic. We need special anointing to conquer all these and release people from devil to God.

Many social evils are also going on here. Due to pawnbroker many families are affected and go to the extent of selling their belongings even their organs (kidney etc). New born girl baby-killing, steeling, manufacturing liquor illegally and prostitution are more here. The mass media spoil the character of the people here more. Dharmapuri takes first baby-girl-killing in the state. In Tamil Nadu state more people in Dharmapuri district are affected by AIDS. People are kept with rich people’s farm for years as slave to work in farm for less wages for the whole family. All people should be released from the above social evils.

What can we do?
Rev.David K.Selvaraj has moved to this place as a missionary in 1989 to do his ministry after well equipped by God’s words. We have church planting in this hard soil and so the CHURCH ON THE ROCK is established. In order to dispel the darkness of illiteracy we had schools (ST.JAMESMATRICULATION SCHOOL) through which we sow the word of God in the heart of young ones. St JAMES TAILORING SCHOOL was established to give dressmaking skill to women who at anytime forced to stand on their legs because of the family problems and by husband. We give word of God to them. We do other women development works programs.

Also we plan to have 3 night schools by which adults are educated at least to read and write. Two churches to be established in needed places. In order to give health education and medical relief, have plans to start a center to take care of AIDS and orphanages to the needed children. In Tamil Nadu state, our district is badly affected by the HIV/AIDS and our district takes second place in this life-killing disease. Pastors Association is needed to encouraged and motivated to do effectively in their field. People love to do ministry in cities but very less are ready to go to village or rural area, because of the less payment and to face financial problems in church construction. But we are daring to do ministry even in this rural place. So if we get funds more can help pastors who work in remote village to build church through our association and motivate them to do more encouragingly for God.

The churches and the other activities are run by the Church On The Rock Ministries. Our church has membership with the National Association of Interdependent churches with a membership number TN 29/NAIC-1553/99. It is registered with both State and the central Governments. All social works are carried out by St.JAMES EDUCATIONAL AND MEDICAL TRUST. It is also registered with both governments. The donors will be exempted from their in tax by the Income Tax act under section of 80G. A Charted Accountant duly audits all the accounts and the reports are informed to the Central Government of India. No c.No 14 19 (85) / 98-99 / CBE. Because our activities are registered, all of our accounts should be duly audited by a Charted Accountant and the income and the expenditure should be submitted our Board of Trustees and after their approval the accounts to be submitted to our Government annually.

What can you do?
Please participate and pray regularly for our ministry. You can contact us for more details. You can take a missionary journey to visit us after your holy tour to Israel and other countries. Can you kindly sponsor any one of the projects or a part of it? Above all let us stand hand and hand to uphold, to extend and to enlarge the kingdom of God by pray and support. We expect positive response specifically from you and from your friends in the family of God. Please contact us for more details.