More than one billion people are here in India. They need many medical help. We have arranged some medical camps. Now the most needed help is to give medical care to the HIV/AIDS affected people. Our area is the most affected area in Tamil Nadu. So we have plans to give medical care to people. The first Stage is to conduct many awareness programs to public by which we can find some HIV/AIDS affected people. The Second Stage is give good counseling to the affected people. This will enable them to give good hope, and to encourage them to special care in diet by which they can prolong their life and make some arrangement to their family and children. We can give some special diet as a model. The third Stage is to give them medical treatment and medicines in a special ways.

We have some qualified people in our church who does help sincerely. This assures that we can do some more service to people. Now we are waiting for good partners to join us to support us and work together to do our best for the people. Please join us. Let us do best. If you have any other friends who is interested to do some medical works, please introduce them to us.