Rev.David K. Selvaraj pioneered the Church On The Rock Ministry. Ours is a faith ministry. During his overseas education in South Korea, where the church growth rates is very high, he has received a great zeal for evangelism and revival. We have a team of prayer warriors who pray for the need of people. People send their needs, problems in their family & business, debts, failures, worry, separation, confusion due to devil’s works etc, sickness, get jobs, and all types of difficulty to us. We pray for them and our Father, the Almighty God gives success in their lives.

When we hear these type of problems, it is intolerable us. Definitely it is most intolerable to our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ. Our God is a God who supplies all our needs in time (Phil. 4:19) and He wants us to be full and success at all time. Also “God makes us who first hope is Christ should be to the Praise of his glory” Eph. 1:12. This is a harvest time. God’s message is preached everywhere. Many are coming to the Lord and accept Jesus as their personal God. Why don’t you contact us with your prayer need? We will pray to God and the Almighty God meets all your need. Because the prayer by faith changes things, heals the sick& wounded heart, give hope to hopeless, deliver from witchcraft, relief from debts, successful in business, forgiven and anointed by the Holy Spirit. If you send your prayer points by email, our senior Pastor Rev.David K.Selvaraj our prayer warriors will pray for you. Also some special prayer points will be prayed in every Saturday fasting prayer. You will get success soon in the name of Lord Jesus.

If you want to know more about Jesus, we are happy to introduce Jesus. If you are nearer town, our staff may visit you to explain every thing. You are most welcome to worship our God with us any time convenient to you. Usually every Sunday we worship at 10 Am. Wednesday we gather for Bible study at 7Pm and pray for the blessing of our India, the President, the Prime minister, Chief ministers, Governors, M.P., M.L.A and other high government officials of India to be blessed by God. We fast and pray on Saturday s. We want to have big church growth and church planting.

People are facing difficult situation. Some times they don’t know why and what to do. We know prayer brings victory. Here is a short prayer for you. If you need us to pray more specifically call us to pray or contact by email. We are happy to pray for you. Because many healed from their sick, clear their debts, regained their lost business, failure became success, separated family is united again, hated children started to love their parents, jobless got job, rejected was admitted again, in-law’s problems were solved, thought of suicide were changed to challenge to success, poverty became prosperity and meaningless became very meaningful, empty life became an abundant life in the Lord, bitter became sweet in life and etc.

Dear loving heavenly Father,

We thank you for our dear brother who now is on line. We don’t know what he needs now. Anyway, Father you know his need because you love him and shed your blood on the Cross for his sins. We want to bless him now. You know how much our friend now online needs your help. Because he has come to you, please accept him as he is now and grant him he desperate need now and console him. Here after he should not be in sorrow. His sorrow should be changed joy in you. Let him read Bible daily, pray and get all types of help from you daily. Please speak to him and make him your dear one. Let him have all prosperity in his life and praise you daily. We ask all these in Jesus name. Amen.