Children’s Ministries

We do ministries in town and in Village. At present we have two Children’s Ministries. One at New Housing Colony and other at Line Kollai to glorify the Lord. We distribute Sweets and Snacks for them.

We have an active Sunday School at our Church and at Line Kollai(Behind of Krishnagiri Bus Terminus) at Krishnagiri every Sunday from 04:00 to 05:00 PM. There are over 50 children across 4 classes ranging from Toddlers to Seniors, from different parts of New Housing Colony II Phase and Line Kollai at Krishnagiri. Classes are being taken in Tamil at present. The current curriculum we followed is been provided by CEEFI(an Christian Education department of the Evangelical Fellowship of India).

Sunday School Activities
Our Sunday School is very popular among the local community. In order to encourage our students, we assign various Bible oriented projects and assignments. In order to cheer our students, we give gifts to those who bring newcomers to the Sunday School. Teachers submit a progress report of each of their students to their parents, to inform them of all updates in their academics, behavior etc. The various activities involved in a typical Sunday School session include singing songs, prayer, Playing Volley ball, cricket, Handball, classroom sessions etc.

We have a group of committed, spirit-filled and qualified teachers in our faculty, who prepare their lessons well enough to make each class a lively and interactive session. Once in a while, teachers gather together to pray for their students.

Aims and objectives
We pray and work to increase the strength of the Sunday School to 300 by 2025. We hope to change the present setup to that of a Kids’ Church, which encourages people to worship, intercede for others in prayer, actively witness to their peers and friends.